One device. 1TB of personal cloud storage.

Access your files from anywhere. Only $49/year

Space Monkey makes your files secure & accessible

It starts by encrypting your data

All files placed in the Space Monkey network are immediately encrypted with the highest of security standards so that no one but you will be able to view them.

Your files are duplicated for backup

Behind the scenes, every file you have in your Space Monkey account is duplicated, so that you have both a local copy on your device and a backup in the system.

Duplicate files are encoded & distributed

All files, once they are encrypted and duplicated, are broken into tiny pieces and distributed to other devices on the network. No device but your own ever has all the pieces to one file.

Your files are secure and accessible

Our network is self-healing and spread out geographically. Even if your device fails, or disaster strikes somewhere in the network, your files can be safely reconstructed.

Effortlessly back up your files

A copy of every file you save is encrypted, copied, and distributed to the network, without you lifting a finger.

Drag and drop simple

Space Monkey makes cloud storage as simple as drag and drop. Your 1TB drive appears in your file system just like any other folder. Any item placed in your Space Monkey folder will begin syncing wirelessly to your device, without another thought from you.

Blazing Fast and fully encrypted

Putting the cloud on your desk also means you can enjoy faster speeds than traditional cloud services. Plus, your data is fully encrypted from start to finish.

Local sync, plus web-access

For all those in between times, when you aren't at your own computer, we provide a full-featured web client so that you can manage your files with ease.

Always with you

Whether you use an iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows, we have you covered. Access and share your files, anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Welcome to the future

1TB of personal cloud storage for $10/month.

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