Think of it as a hard drive, only better

Space Monkey works right inside of your regular file system, making it easy to understand and seamless in your workflow. Once installed, Space Monkey appears on your desktop. Just drag and drop files, like you would any other drive or folder. We will take care of the rest.

Fast and simple to set up

The Space Monkey device makes all the magic possible. Just plug it in and install the software. Since the device is on your local network, you'll experience much faster upload and download speeds than you would with a traditional cloud service.

With a robust mobile app...

Automatically sync your photos and videos

Mobile apps on iOS and Android both support auto-upload of photos and videos. Simply install, and all your content will get sent to Space Monkey whenever you create it. Automatically.

Remote access to your files

With the Space Monkey app, you also get access to all your stuff. You can also do all the things you'd expect to be able to do with your files: share, rename, move, delete — right from inside the app.

A native desktop client

Deep Integration

Because Space Monkey integrates deeply with your OS, files that exist on your device or in the Space Monkey network appear as if local — even if they are actually out in the network.

Keep your data safe

All data stored to Space Monkey is encrypted at the source with keys only your personal account has access to. Data stored to the network is split up and stored to many distinct locations, making it difficult for the bad guys to get at it even if they did have access to your keys.

As well as full web access

Finally, when you'd like to access or upload to Space Monkey from a system that may not have a client installed, you can use the Space Monkey Web App from an Internet browser.

Welcome to the future

Faster, cheaper, bigger. 1TB for $49/year.

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